Our operations have an on-going professional supervision, involving geologists, mining engineers and detonation technicians.

Created from the merger of Gemstone Business Group, Gemstone Mineradora do Brasil Ltda emerged in order to meet the globalized world market, using Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds for the core objectives of its business.

Gemstone Mineradora do Brasil Ltda is a mining company based in Brazil , more specifically in the capital Brasília / DF , and its goal is to carry out the exploitation of minerals such as emeralds , rubies and diamonds and thereby expand its national and especially international trade in precious stones, whether rough or finished, in addition to designing and making its own line of jewelery to be sold worldwide.

The heads of the Company are absolutely focused and commited to maintaining a skilled , knowledgable and, above all , committed team of professionals. We have great respect and appreciation for the hard work performed by our direct and indirect associates in the field.


Since its foundation, Gemstone Mineradora do Brasil Ltda is fully aware of its responsabilities to the communities that surround its operations and its role towards protecting the environment.

It is our commitment to respect the local environmental conditions, as well as to foster the culture and the social economic status of communities reached by our exploration by offering steady work in dignified conditions, and also establishing a relationship of trust among all players.


CNPJ: 18.345.373/0001-60