In a troubled world where the global economy constantly faces the effects of instability and insecurity related to strong currency fluctiations, we identified that one of the most stable and secure paths to follow is to investt in non-depreciable assets and have a guaranteed value year after year.


Market Value

Emerald is one of the three most valuable gemstones (the others are the ruby and the diamond), mostly because of its color. The best quality gems, those with 5-8 carats, can be worth up to $ 5,600 per carat. Gems of the same weight with medium quality range from $ 100 to $ 580 per carat.

Ruby is also one of the three most valuable gemstones, especially the dark red stones, slightly purple. Rubies from Myanmar have the best quality (extra premium), without treatment, with 4-5 carats, worth between $ 28,000 and $ 40,000 per carat. Gemstones of bigger size have no market quote value, being the price agreed between buyers and sellers.